On The Wholly Word

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No, it’s not King Felix, mah-hah-bone, or monkeys. The holy word of CHI is in fact “aejibo”, pronounced ee ji (like eye) bow (like bow and arrow). The word has a strange history, and is reputed to have been used by knights entering the fray of battle. Aejibo means “to sally forth in the hopes of victory”, it is an exclamation of joy before the unexpected, or, more accurately, the unknown. Chians seeking to ameliorate their Good Times Quotient...

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On Sumerology

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The practice of Sumerology can be confusing, daunting, frustrating and even frightening; but true Chians know Good Times can be found in abundance by the cautious, disciplined practitioner. Few people know that the book of Genesis exists mostly in Sumerian form, although there are some Assyrian texts. Of especial import is the accounting of the Great Flood, one of the most Highly Improbable occurrences of all time. Büyük Ağri is alleged to be the resting place of the...

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On Three

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Three, it’s the magic number. Yes it is, it’s the magic number. Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity, you get three. That’s the magic number. Three has been a holy number for a long time. The Chian way teaches that reverence be paid to the Possible, the Probable and the Highly Improbable. Observant Chians will notice three letters in “CHI”, and that pi is three and a bit.

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On Dates

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The Chian calendar contains thirteen months of 28 days, numbered 1 through 28. New Year’s Day is January 0, and is a Sunday. Leap years add a day onto December, giving us December 29. The months are named as in the Gregorian calendar plus the extra summer month of Sol between June and July. The calendar is marked from August 16 1972 BCE on the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, in the year 2000 Chians celebrated the year 3968. The number thirteen is extremely powerful,...

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On Probability

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What exactly is the message of the Church? The Church believes in one thing and one thing only – the universe is infinite*. If you can truly accept that as fact, you must consider that in an infinite universe, given enough time anything is Possible. Of course, most things are Highly Improbable. For example, evolution. The amount of Probability needed to overcome the trillions of Possibilities that could at any moment in history have completely wiped the planet Earth...

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