Organisation Chart



The identity of the Pope is forever shrouded in mystery. The original Pope was rumoured to live in Iceland. Other believe him to have been a Welshman.

– Vice Pope

The Vice Pope (sometimes referred to as “The Pope of Vice”) handles the day to day running of the Church, covers all expenses, and issues e-Dicts based upon interpretation of the Exegesis and various Web sites believed to be Embrightened. The position is self-nominated, and anyone can claim Veep at any point in time, subject to their ability to pay the bills.

— Stinking Bishop

The Vice Pope’s many right hands. Stinking Bishops receive tithes from their congregation, and ensure the Church gets what’s coming to it. Bishops handle conversion and recruitment.

— Right Reverend

Right Reverends are ordained Gallybaggers, running tithe interdiction services directly on the front lines. They train new Gallybaggers and generally ensure the smooth running of the Church’s business affairs.

—- Reeking Deacon

Deacons are the galactic gospel, reminding humans of their heretofore-unknown commitment to the Church.


Lord of the Hundreds

Gallybaggers with oomph are awarded this title by the Church.


Gallybaggers are the main stay of the adherent masses. Gallybaggers patrol systems looking for opportune tithe interdictions. Gallybagger Tithe Adjusters are legally empowered to extract the Church’s due from any passing vessel. The Church currently tithes 3.14% of all on-board cargo. It is vital that Gallybaggers do not (a) exceed 3.14% [rounded down] nor (b) adjust tithes for a single adherent per year.

Sage Derby

Derbies are considered knowledgeable in the ways of the CHI, and observe the Three Rules Three.

– Little Derby

Little Derbies are the same as Sage Derbies but shorter and less knowledgeable.

Farleigh Wallop

Wallops are Chian youth who have committed to learning the Three Rules Three. Wallops are exempt from tithing.

– Little Wallop

Infants and pets are awarded this title. One may refer to infants as “Little Wallops”, but animals are most often referred to as “Chian Pets”.

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