Good Times Quotient

Each Chian is exhorted to Ameliorate their GTQ (Good Times Quotient).

This is the most important undertaking of a Chian. Examining the myriad Probabilities stretching out before you in time allows you to carefully choose your path so as to fully Ameliorate your GTQ in all things.

Each of the Three Rules Three is specifically designed to allow you to work on GTQ amelioration at all times, for the entire universe:


The eating of cheese is the fastest way to ameliorate your own GTQ. Other ways to ameliorate your GTQ include tithing, the drinking of real ale, or the observation of playful monkeys.


Not allowing the sound of the toenail clipper to permeate the firmament allows others to ameliorate their GTQ (by dint of not having to hear the click of the clipper).


Observing the Wholly Day allows the universe to ameliorate its GTQ in toto, in universalis.

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