Gallybagger Guidance


You have been duly awarded full legal right to collect tithes on behalf of the Church of the Highly Improbable*. The Church endeavours to perform it’s noble mission on behalf of mankind, but to do so requires considerable resources. The Church maintains a fleet of ships powerfully equipped to help you perform Tithe Adjustment Interdictions. This document will help you as you begin your new career as a Gallybagger Tithe Adjuster!

Tithe Adjustment 101

The Church is legally entitled to 3.14% of all income in the perceivable universe. This has been codified in law and canon so many times in so many places throughout history that it is barely worth linking to authoritative proof of these obviously just and legal claims.

It is a sad truth that in these wild times of self-fulfillment and instant gratification, far too few folks are even aware that they are members of the Church, let alone appreciative of their Tithing responsibilities. Therefore, the Church anoints you, the Gallybagger Galactic, to inform these good citizens of their due, and to collect the tithe in any manner deemed effective.

Tithe Frequency

Chians are required to tithe once per year. Make a good faith attempt to verify the necessity of an interdiction before conducting adjustment. In the rare instance that you cannot adequately discern the correctness of the interdiction, it is generally best to (a) perform the Tithe Adjustment Interdiction with as little confrontation as possible, and (b) bring it back to the nearest Church Hangar where an Officer of the Church will take care of it for you.

Be aware, Gallybaggers may not conduct tithe adjustment during the Wholly Day.

*Not all systems recognise the Church’s legal right to collect tithes. In case of law enforcement or adherent objections, please contact your nearest Right Reverend for assistance.

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