Church Bona Fides

A distinct legal existence

A recognized creed and form of worship
– Three Rules Three
– Wholly Nights

A definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
– Vice Pope is the day-to-day administrator.
– Org chart:

A formal code of doctrine and discipline
– Codified on
– religious diet instructions available on Amazon

A religious history

Members that are not associated with any other church or denomination
– Directors

Ordained ministers who have completed specific studies
– See Ministers

A literature of its own
SEP Diet
– Fully incorporates the rantings of Phillip K Dick’s “Exegesis”

Established places of worship
– Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch, Wales, UK

Regular congregations
– All congregations are conducted online

Regular religious services
– All congregations are conducted online

Sunday schools for religious teaching of children
– No (Church believes children should never be indoctrinated, so this would be against our religious beliefs)

Schools that educate its ministers
– Website