The Church of the Highly Improbable has existed since the very first spark of existence took hold in the perceivable universe. As guardians of the Possible, the Probable, and the Highly Improbable, members of the Church (“Chians”) learn to experience the universe through the wonder of perceived reality.

The Church believes in one thing and one thing only – the universe is infinite. (As you progress along the Chian path you will find that technically the Church doesn’t even believe that on a regular basis, but we have to start somewhere…)

If you can truly accept as fact that the universe is infinite, you must consider that in an infinite universe, given enough time, over an infinitude of possibilities, anything is Possible. Of course, given the sheer bloody hugeness of what we’re talking about most things are Highly Improbable.

Remember: religion is not an exact science.

His Wholliness the Vice Pope beseeches you to join the Church to further the reach of the knowledge of the Highly Improbable. And to pay your tithes.

It has come to our recent attention that many of you, despite being inducted into the Church against your knowledge and/or better judgement, have not paid your tithes. As the perceivable universes’s’s one true religion, it is your sacred duty to uphold the Three Rules Three; to ameliorate your Good Times Quotient; and to pay your tithes.

  1. Dim caws cyn hanner dydd.
  2. Dim clipwyr ewinedd.
  3. Arsylwi ar y Diwrnod Sanctaidd.

(Holi’r rheolau.)

  1. Nulla caseum ante meridiem.
  2. Nulla pollicem clavum retonsores.
  3. Observa diem festum.

(Interrogare de regulis.)